The Daily Quipple is the work of J, K, and T. Each member of the trio contributes to the quipples posted daily. K is our webmaster. She makes the daily posting happen and keeps The Daily Quipple running smoothly. J truly is the glue of The Daily Quipple as well as the head idea person. T, the art department, is the quipple producer. Read more about T on The Artist page.

J, K, & T of The Daily Quipple


We are having so much fun with The Daily Quipple! Our hope is that you will enjoy it just as much.

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  1. All artwork on The Daily Quipple is original, copyrighted material and may not be copied for any purpose. We are happy that you want to share images from The Daily Quipple with friends, but you must always attribute the images to The Daily Quipple and always link back to the site.
  2. Every attempt will be made to give credit to the author of any outside quotes used on The Daily Quipple. In like manner, should you use one of our quotes, please give credit to The Daily Quipple.
  3. Prints and various merchandise featuring Quipples are available in our Store. Please respect the effort we have put into The Daily Quipple by not using our images in any money-making venture such as on your own merchandise. If you have an idea for a particular product, please let us know.  Also, remember that Quipples are copyrighted material and reproduction without permission is illegal.

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