a-new-artist-picTraci DeRoche (formerly Nelson) began drawing before she could walk. Two and a half decades later and working as a professional musician and music teacher, she still can’t stop! The art of Daily Quipple is the realization of a lifetime goal of doing something with her everyday-life themed cartoons–in fact, friends, family members, teachers, and colleagues have been suggesting for her to publish a book! sell those cartoons! make a website! (etc.) for years and years. Because if Traci has a pen, paintbrush, pencil, or anything that makes a line in front of her, she is quippling.

You could say that “quipples” as we know them developed from a series of doodle-filled sketchbooks Traci shared with her best friends throughout all four years of college. Each volume was known throughout the land as “The Book,” and in each, Traci documented the hilarity, absurdness, and hopefulness (sometimes hopelessness) of the lives of her and her pals. Each person had a distinct character, and every big and little event, embarrassing moment, and bit of joy and humor was recorded, as well as many pages that simply said “It Will Be Okay,” as was their mantra. As the days of “The Book” ended when Traci and her friends parted ways across the country, Traci continued to draw little cartoons wherever she went. Friends and family members often ask for more and sometimes even frame their miniature works of art. Today, The Daily Quipple is the place to find both humor and inspiration about the big and little parts of life, and the quipple team hopes that it brings a smile to your face every day just as The Book did for so many people in Chicago years ago.

Traci would like to dedicate the art of The Daily Quipple to her family, who has been pushing her to embrace her creative side her whole life, to the girls of The Book, DL, DW, and O, and to Tom Blondeau, the art teacher who never saw her cartoon-style and never will, but always told her to just be an artist.

In addition to quippling, Traci is an award-winning artist, having received honors at many art shows. She creates art using a variety of styles and medium, including acrylic and oil paints, pen and ink, oil and chalk pastels, charcoal, and watercolor. She has been selling her art for many years and happily takes commissions. For further information or samples of Traci’s non-quipple art, please contact her. Traci is also an experienced mural painter, photographer, and writer–and don’t forget, she is primarily a professional musician. Traci gets SO much joy from creating and sharing her quipples and other art with friends, family, and YOU–take time to look around and smile along with us!

23 thoughts on “Artist

  1. This site and idea are bubbling with personality. Absolutely love it all! Thanks for providing us all with a daily smile:)

  2. Thanks Rachel and Emily! The quipples will definitely keep coming…daily, in fact! We have so many ideas we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Stay tuned. :]

  3. I didn’t realize you were influenced by “Mr. Blondeau”. He was a huge influence on me when I had him in 9th grade back in 1973. Also took a summer art workshop too. What a wonderful teacher he was.

    • Ramona, he was one of my biggest influences. It’s hard for me to express in words the impact that he had on my life. I know I share that sentiment with a lot of other people, and I’m glad you knew him too–a few years earlier! ;]

  4. Your work is amazing – sent you a note through your contact form. I have followed you for a while and cannot get over your talent. Just brilliant.

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