Joy Notes – Romance Set #1


What is a joy note? It’s a mini notecard without an envelope. It’s a chance for you to share joy and love with others in your life in a fun little way. These notecards were designed with the idea of putting notes in your kid’s lunchbox, your spouse’s briefcase or car, stuck under a friend’s windshield wiper, left on the table with your tip for a great server, and similar opportunities to see┬álove and joy as verbs.

The Romance┬áSet #1 features 15 of our favorite quipples perfect for sharing with your spouse or significant other. It’s a great way to keep the spark alive by showing your loved one how cherished they are. These notes are perfect for giving loved ones a little jolt of positivity and support for everything from having a case of the Mondays to dealing with life’s toughest obstacles.


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