Announcing Our Appreciation…

Incredible! Happy Absolutely Incredible Kid Day!

Dear little k,

We think you are an absolutely incredible kid! We love your sense of humor, your creative imagination, your sweet and loving nature, your amazing brain, and so much more! We admire your empathy, your quick wit, and your tenderhearted love for animals. You are such a wonderful artist, a terrific reader and writer, and you have some pretty great skills as a singer and songwriter! We are so excited to watch you continue to learn and grow. We believe in you and know that you can do anything you put your mind to! We love you!

love Aunties T & K and Grandma J

Today is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, a special day started by Camp Fire that encourages adults to write messages of encouragement and support to kids. The TDQ team thinks kids are the coolest and we love the idea of this day! Please join us in taking a moment to write a letter to the incredible kids in your lives to tell them how very special they are.


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