Creative Courage

"The more creative you are the more trouble you're in. You have to be courageous!" [George Lois]


Today marks our FIVE HUNDREDTH quipple. To celebrate 500(!) continuous days of hand-drawn bits of fun and inspiration, it would mean so much to us if you came out of the woodwork and left a comment. (To do so, click on the speech bubble above this post–if you are viewing through email, please click through to the website!) Thank you for following along. We are looking forward to the next 500 quipples!

6 thoughts on “Creative Courage

  1. Congratulations on 500 quipples! My mornings are brighter with a quipple to look forward to. Not just my mornings, actually, as I often find myself scrolling through quipples throughout the day. Thank you for the smiles and inspiration!

  2. Congrats on #500! I was just noticing how the studio is getting quite full of Quipples on the walls. You are making an impact on a lot of people! Thank you!! Sending lots of thoughts of fresh raspberries and brownies!

  3. Holy cow 500 quipples, that’s incredible! I think I’ll look through all of them now. My day would not at all be complete without a quipple in the morning!

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