Imperfectly Beautiful

"Don't worry about perfection. Nature doesn't grow in straight lines." [Ian Fleming]


A note from the artist: Perfectionism is something I have struggled with in various ways, as most people do. One of the reasons it took me so long to showcase my quipple-like art was because even though people have pushed me toward creating a website for years, I am very hard on myself artistically, even with quipples! I often look back at ones I have done previously and in retrospect find many things I would like to change about them. J and K of TDQ Team often remind me that part of the appeal of TDQ is their simplicity and uncomplicated mission of bringing YOU joy and inspiration. I think all artists (and writers, and musicians) should be continually in a process of growth; looking back at past work with fresh, always developing eyes is a great and organic process. Besides, if I had waited to present my ideally “perfect” product, no one would have ever seen any quipples at all, rather than a new one every single day. That’s a pretty big difference! If you are letting a goal of being perfect at any given thing in your life hold you back from taking that leap toward putting yourself out there–ask yourself if you’d rather have the regret of not doing it at all. Ask yourself: WHY NOT?